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      Sales Service
      Service Concept: Quality Priority, Customer First
      Service Pricipal: Focuse on details, Puisue perfection.
      Service Quality: Quality and service is the base of company development and credibiltiy.
       Service Standard: Certified and approved by ISO9001:2000 quality managing system, Jiangsu Lift rewards all the customers with superior quality and superior service. We always treat claims at customers¨ stands, and set ^customer satisfication ̄ as the only criterior for service.
      Service Commitments
      1、All the LIFT cranes are guaranteed by waranty clause.
      2、Warranty period: 12 months
      3、Spare parts and techinical support for oversea users
      4、Annual technical traning for oversea dealers
      SERVICE TOLL+86-516-83991888

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      ADDHanwang Industrial Park,Tongshan Economic Development Zone,Xuzhou City Jiangsu Province,China. Tel86-516-83991888
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